Bringing the Sound of Water Indoors

During the wintertime, unless you live in a really warm climate that doesn't get freezing temperatures, most outdoor water gardening pauses until spring. Ice can damage fountains, preventing the water from flowing and cracking pipes. You can enjoy water gardening year-round with indoor fountains. Learn more about the benefits of bringing the sound of water indoors. 

The Sound of Water

Each fountain has its own unique melody, based on the water flow. Fountains have different flow strengths; some are controllable. The water may spray up into the air, gently bubble, or pour over onto rocks. A fountain with tiers will sound different than a single-level fountain. Water flowing onto rocks sounds different than water flowing back into the water.

Tip: You can make your fountain louder by putting it in the corner of the room. The walls will help to reflect the noise. If you want the fountain to be quieter, place it closer to the center, away from the walls.

Benefits of Indoor Fountains

Water is relaxing, which is why many people's "happy place" is going to the beach or sitting by a pond. Water is an essential part of who we are. The adult human body is about 60 percent water. Running water, in particular, is musical and helps us to relax and destress. Many people use sound machines to fall asleep with settings like rain or waterfall. Watching and listening to water flow is a mental vacation, putting the brain into a hypnotic/meditative state, according to

Feng Shui

Fountains are an important part of having good feng shui. Water one of the elements of feng shui along with wood, fire, earth, and metal. "Shui" actually means water, while "Feng" means wind. Feng shui is about living in harmony with nature by being conscious of its natural energy (chi). There are ways to arrange your home and office to have better chi flow. Fountains represent health, prosperity, and abundance. They help create balance and harmony.

Natural White Noise

If you have trouble sleeping or concentrating, fountains naturally make white noise. It's a consistent ambient background noise that is great for sleeping, working, or studying. It helps you not focus on other sounds that can distract you.

Adds Moisture to the Air

In the wintertime, the air is dryer, especially when you run the heat in your home. It's easy to get dehydrated and not even know it. Indoor water fountains help make the air in your home or office more humid, which is excellent for you and your plants. Humidity is essential for your skin. When you're in a dry environment, it can lead to sore throats and dry noses. Because the water is always flowing, it doesn't grow bacteria, mold, and fungi like the still water in a humidifier can. 

Tip: If you don't have to worry about pets drinking out of the fountain, you can add essential oils to the water. As the fountain flows, it will aromatize your home or office. Essential oils like lavender and ylang-ylang are naturally calming. 

Air Purifier

Flowing water creates negative ions. According to WebMD, negative ions in the bloodstream help produce serotonin, which boosts energy, reduces stress, and fights depression. Negative ions also help purify the air by removing contaminants like dust or pollen in the air. 

Tip: Using distilled water will help reduce mineral buildup in your fountain. You can clean your fountain regularly using a soft rag or soft-bristled brush. 

Gardenique Fountains for Indoor Spaces

Gardenique Planter Fountains

Planter fountains turn any planter into a beautiful water feature. All you have to do is place the assembled fountain on the planter, add water and plugin! The Gardenique planter fountains have adjustable flow control, so you can choose how strong you want the water flow of your fountain to be. Adjust the flow outside to make sure there's no accidental splashing before bringing your fountain indoors. 

Gardenique Standalone Fountains

Standalone fountains have self-contained reservoirs and gentle water flow. The Gardenique standalone fountains have planting units so that you can add houseplants to your fountain for a pop of color and plant life. The fountains have adjustable flow control, so you can choose how strong the water flow is (always test the fountain outside first).


Indoor fountains are relaxing and create ambient noise for your home. Many of the Gardenique fountains are great for bringing the sound of water indoors. They have a low-splash gentle water flow that you can control. Fountains help add humidity to the home in the winter when the air is often dry, especially when running the heater. You can even add essential oils and to add calming fragrance to your home or office.

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