Garden Trends in 2020

Gardening is a therapeutic hobby. As you beautify your indoor and outdoor spaces with greenery and blooms, you lower stress levels and connect with nature. 2020 isn't just the start of a new year; it's the start of a new decade! There are many fun gardening trends to spot this year. You may even decide to incorporate some into your garden. Discovering new and upcoming trends is a great way to get gardening inspiration.

DIY Gardening Nook

Gardeners this year are creating secluded spots in their garden to relax, read a book, or do some work. These gardening nooks are a comfortable, typically shaded spot in the yard to unwind. The nook should have a cozy chair or hammock to sit. You can add a fountain for calming background noise.

Native Plants

Native plants are important for your local wildlife, helping to sustain the food chain. Native plants attract pollinators and are a food source for insects, which are food for other critters in the garden. By planting native and local plants, you promote biodiversity and your local ecosystem. Learn more about choosing native plants for the garden. 

Eco-Friendly Gardening

People are becoming more aware of how their everyday lives impact the environment as a whole. There are little swaps that, if everyone did them, would reduce waste and pollution worldwide. You can choose to go chemical-free and have an organic garden or just make little swaps along the way to reduce your plastic usage. Composting is a great way to reduce waste while benefiting your garden. Check out these sustainable gardening tips to help your garden be more eco-friendly.

Vertical Gardening

No space? No problem! Gardeners aren't limited by their space in 2020. Vertical gardening is trending, not just for condo and apartment-dwellers but for gardeners who have a yard but want to maximize their space. You can create a vertical garden with hanging plants, wall vases/planters, or set up a hydroponic garden. 

Houseplant Tech

If you want to set up an indoor garden, technology is here to help. You can find kits to set up microgreens or start growing small edible plants like herbs or tomatoes with "smart gardens." These "smart gardens" often include growing lights and even self-water. You can monitor some using your smartphone! Imagine growing fresh basil or mint right on your countertop. 

Water Features for Wildlife

Adding an outdoor water feature like a fountain or birdbath can be a valuable source of freshwater for your local wildlife. Your water feature can attract birds, butterflies, and bees. Be careful when you clean your water features not to use chemicals that can harm local wildlife.

Double-Duty Plants

Gardeners are more selective with their plants in 2020. Instead of choosing a plant purely on its looks, see what else it can offer. Many pretty plants also serve a purpose like attracting bees or butterflies, repelling mosquitos, providing shade, or are even edible. 


Growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables is going to trend even more this year. Growing your own food is sustainable and delicious. Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can grow herbs or sprout microgreens on the windowsill or grow vegetables and fruits in containers. 


Everyone is gardening this year, even those living in tiny apartments. Houseplants are a major trend this year. Plants help to liven up your living spaces, purifying the air and adding color. If you have the space, gardeners are loving large houseplants that have a life of their own. You may think "go small" when it comes to indoor gardening, but try taking a risk and getting a larger houseplant like the Snake Plant, aka Mother-in-Law's Tongue. 

Gardening for Well-Being

Self-care and mental well-being are becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. Gardening is an excellent hobby for well-being. It's relaxing and even burns calories. More people are going to take up gardening this year as a way to connect with nature and unplug from technology.

Multi-Functional Garden

Make your garden an extension of the house. Gardeners are creating multi-functional spaces in their garden. Add an outdoor kitchen, dining area, and grill to make the most out of your garden. 

Whether you have indoor houseplants in your big-city apartment or an entire vegetable garden in your backyard, you can explore the benefits of gardening and this year's trends. Gardening is great for well-being and can even help your local wildlife. You can make small swaps and tweaks to your gardening routine to make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you have the space, make your garden an extension of your home and add a gardening nook or outdoor kitchen. Gardening is an excellent hobby for nearly anyone!

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