Three Sides of Gardenique

The right decor helps you to feel comfortable and happy. Decorations and accents turn a house into a home. In the garden, landscaping and decorating have endless opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Creating spaces that you enjoy and want to spend time in is important. Your house and the areas around it should be where you go to unwind and entertain guests. Water features enhance a space, adding different elements depending on the style of the fountain. The three sides of Gardenique whimsical, rustic, and premium help you to create the garden, patio, porch, and backyard of your dreams.

Gardenique Whimsical

The whimsical collection of water features is playful and fun. These fountains use bright colors to give your garden and yard personality. Whimsical decor can be silly and eccentric like Charmer or artistic like the Mirasol. The whimsical side of Gardenique doesn't take itself too seriously, it's all about adding beauty to the garden with fun colors and cute characters that tell a story. The garden isn't all work and no play; these lively water features will make your garden a little more cheerful and upbeat. 

Whimsical Water Features

There was a beautiful prince, named Charmer, who ruled over a mighty kingdom. An evil witch turned him into a frog. Only a kiss can break the curse (but he's actually enjoying the relaxing frog life)! The vibrantly colored Charmer Planter Fountain will turn any planter into a fairytale.

Daisy is a cheerful flower that attracts the lovestruck. Children play a game with her. Each time a petal is plucked, they whisper, he loves me, then on the next petal, he loves me not, until there are no petals left. Daisy makes sure the answer is always he loves me. She is a hopeless romantic. 

Dottie brings a little luck and joy into your garden and home. If a ladybug lands on you, make a wish. Once the ladybug flies away, your wish will come true. Dottie and her gal pals love making people happy. They try to land on those having a bad day and grant their wishes. 

Fawn, the woodland fairy, is a planter fountain accessory that brings magic into your space. Fawn delicately sits on the edge of the planter, while her leaf continuously fills with water to help thirsty traveling creates. She dances in the moonlight! The Fawn Planter Fountain delicately sits on the edge of the planter while her leaf fills with water.

A water nymph fell in love with Helios, the god of the sun. She would stand on land and watch him move across the sky. She did this day after day until her big brown eyes grew large, and her long blonde hair turned into petals. She transformed into a sunflower so she could watch him every day. The name "Mirasol" in Spanish means "to look at the sun." The Mirasol Planter Fountain will brighten up your space adding color, each petal a ray of happiness and joy. 

Treefolk is inspired by the creatures of the forest. Owls hoot, creating the melodic sound of nature. These critters are full of adventure and mystery, viewing the world from the tops of trees. Treefolks are cheerful additions to the garden.

Gardenique Rustic

The rustic side of Gardenique brings the popular design style into the garden. Rustic decor is all about warmth and coziness, focusing on natural beauty. This style of water features is modern but with antique finishes and earthy tones. Simple designs make big statements. These water features are casual and chic and inspired by historic rural life. 

Rustic Water Features

  • Farmhouse

The Farmhouse's rustic design tells a story of the early frontier, mixing history with modern technology. During this simpler era, people read by candlelight, traveled by train, and used hand pumps as a necessary staple of life. The durable resin Farmhouse spigot is reminiscent of these mid 19th-century hand pumps used to pump water. The Farmhouse Disappearing Water Feature Kit is an in-ground water feature that will transform your yard into a homestyle frontier. When the bucket of the Farmhouse fills with water, it tips and spills over decorative rock creating a unique sound that is sure to please. 

Industrial simplicity creates a fountain that is minimalism at its finest. The Rustico faucet complements many different planter styles, adding a modern touch inspired by the Industrial Revolution. Rustico reminds us of the social transformation when manufacturing flourished. The workforce attracted people from around the world to get a new start. People traveled by railroad to growing cities, giving a hint of the future to come. 

Gardenique Premium

The Premium side of Gardenique is standalone fountains and disappearing water features that are statement pieces for the garden, patio, porch, backyard, and office. They're inspired by beautiful destinations around the globe that are unique in their landscape and architecture. These fountains are elegant self-contained fountains that bring a look together. Many of the Premium fountains have planting units, so you can pair beautiful flowers and plants with your fountain. The disappearing water features are works of art that seem to defy logic, the inner workings of the fountains hidden underneath the ground.

Take a trip to the desert town located in Arizona, where the land turns shades of red, forming giant rocks and canyons that span as far as the eye can see. Trees and grass are replaced by cacti and delicate shrubs, creating a backdrop that looks like it's from another world. Feel the warm, dry air against your skin during the day and at night curl up by a fire underneath the stars. The Sedona rock disappearing water feature brings this arid landscape a little closer to home.

The Serenity Bowl takes you to a place of perfect calmness. The sounds of the flowing water create the perfect background music for reading a book or just taking a moment to be thankful. Serenity reminds you to enjoy nature and live in the moment, as you watch the water endlessly spill over the edge and the bowl magically never empties. The Serenity Bowl Disappearing Water Feature Kit is an in-ground water feature that will transform your yard into a zen oasis. 

Heavily influenced by Grecian architecture of the capital city, the fountain adds a touch of art and culture to the garden. The ancient city revolved around water, as fountains and bathhouses were fed by natural springs watering the city. The fountain features soft edges and stone-like detailed finish that would not look out-of-place amongst Grecian monuments like the Acropolis or Parthenon. Transport your garden to ancient times with the classically-styled Athens Fountain.

Renaissance architecture with Moorish influence creates the iconic Mudejar architectural style. The Seville draws its inspiration from the cultural Spanish city. The fountain features sharply defined angles and lines softened by rounded curves, like the city's medieval lanes winding around baroque cathedrals. At night the city buzzes with energy as Sevillanos enjoy each other's company over tapas. Seville brings a bit of this historic trading city, now contemporary travel hotspot, to the backyard. 

Art and design meet and create a one-of-a-kind city that offers a unique cultural and foodie experience. Beautiful beaches, vibrant mercados, world-renowned festivals make this city unlike any other. The Tijuana fountain emulates the city's creativity and flavor, mixing Mexican heritage with Southern California influence, constructing a carefully designed fountain that add spice to any space.

Verona, the Italian city for star-crossed lovers featuring medieval architecture. The second longest river in the country winds through the city, the perfect place for a stroll with a loved one. The Verona fountain is inspired by the picturesque city, famed for its Shakespearean ties. Today visitors come from around the world to fall in love with the city. Verona's renaissance style gives the fountain a romantic charm that will enchant your backyard. 

Landscaping and decorating your outdoor areas help you to enjoy being outside and make the best use of your space. Instead of restricting your entertaining to inside the house, create an outdoor oasis where you can enjoy the company and nature. The three sides of Gardenique feature different decorative styles and themes. Each fountain is unique and has its own unique story and inspiration behind it. Water features bring a space to life; the sounds of running water are relaxing. Some Gardenique fountains are silly and fun, meant to liven up the garden while others are more refined statement pieces that ooze elegance and style.

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