Farmhouse Disappearing Water Feature

Project Anatomy

Before you Start

Safety. Always dig with caution. Call 811 or your local utility company before you begin digging to locate buried pipes or power lines on your property.

Location. Consider how the water garden will enhance your landscape. Make sure the area won’t easily become covered with debris and obstruct the fountain.

Elevation. Your water feature should not be built on a slope or grade. If it is located at the lowest elevation of the yard, you will have rainwater run-off that can muddy the water.

Leveling. For locations where ground is hard, use sand to help level and fill in gaps.

Water. To ensure continuous operation, regularly top off your water level, especially in hot weather. If your feature is close to a sprinkler, it can help keep the basin full.


Project Step-by-Step


Step 1 - Plan and Dig

Layout and mark appropriate basin area.

Dig a hole approximately 8” deep x 21” long x 15” wide. Ensure basin fits and level basin within excavated area.

Step 2 - Assemble lid

Place both lid pieces on the floor, smooth side down. Attach included screws on either side of the center lid hole and fasten tightly. Attach assembled lid to basin, clipping into place.

Step 3 - Backfill

Backfill around basin, keeping basin lid free from debris.

Step 4 - Place the fountain topper

Run tubing of fountain topper through hole of one side access panel. Position fountain topper in place.

Step 5 - Attach the pump

Remove other side access panel and run tubing through hole on lid of access panel and connect to pump.

Run power cord through access panel hole, reattach access panel. 

Step 6 - Hang the bucket

Hang bucket in notch of the fountain unit. Position weighted end of the bucket toward the fountain topper.

Step 7 - Fill the basin and test

Fill the basin with water then install the lid. To ensure the pump flow control is set appropriately and the water is flowing back into the basin, place the fountain unit in its final location adjusting as needed using the pad sheets, and plug in the pump. Check for leaks and adjust accordingly, then backfill the hole with dirt.

Step 8 - Add rocks and plants (not included)

Wash decorative gravel to remove small debris.
Decorate top of the basin with decorative gravel, plug in the pump, and enjoy!