Treefolk Owl Planter Fountain

Project Anatomy

Suggested planter size: 12-18 in. diameter



Project Step-by-Step

  1. Insert the square pegs on the branches into either side of the planter fountain, matching up the markings (A to A and B to B). Note: Mushrooms should be on top.
  2. Connect the tubing to the base of the planter fountain.
  3. Connect tubing from fountain to the outlet of the pump with the adapter.
  4. Place assembled fountain on your planter.
  5. Route the power cord up and out the back edge between planter and tree limbs.
  6. Fill the planter with water until 2/3 full, plug in, and enjoy!

* NOTE: Please allow a few minutes for the pump to prime and run normally.



Project Tips

  • Every planter fountain is different! For best results, refer to the product packaging or instruction manual for recommendations.
  • Once assembled and running, add aquatic plants and small fish as a final touch.